Platinum Private Capital serves the institutional, middle market and small balance commercial space.

Our goal is to match your project with the best financing solution available to make your real estate project more successful and profitable.

Our expertise and network of lenders allows us to provide custom, tailored financial solutions to meet the diverse needs of investors, developers and owners resulting in comprehensive financing tailored to the operational needs and long term strategic goals of our clients.

Our network of lenders provide credit for construction, acquisition, redevelopment and refinancing opportunities for all core property types including office, industrial, retail and multifamily.

The small balance commercial space can be a particularly challenging space as it is largely a fragmented, inefficient market for investors and buyers seeking financing within in this space. Deal size typically falls below the radar of large institutional lenders leaving the market to be addressed by smaller regional Banks. These Banks have undergone scrutiny resulting in inconsistent application of tightened credit criteria and underwriting guidelines. These restrictive lending policies have made it difficult for investors looking to capitalize on market opportunities within this space to obtain financing.

Platinum Private Capital can assist investors obtain the needed financing within this space by offering more flexible underwriting, market knowledge with access to a large group of non bank lenders focused on this space.